Sash-WindowsSash windows are the traditional choice.

Sash windows are an instantly recognisable feature of British architecture. They date back to the late 17th Century. It was in the 18th Century that sash windows became widely available due to the materials involved in their construction becoming more affordable. By the mid-century they were common in homes across society, from grand buildings to modest ones. For this reason, sash windows are popularly regarded as the “traditional” window and are beloved by many for their elegance and classic appearance.

If you live in a listed property where sash windows were used in the original construction, then it will be necessary to use sash windows in the replacement in order to maintain the building’s character. Even if you’re sourcing windows for a modern build, sash windows will give your property a touch of period grace.

At Weathersealed Home Solutions, our sash windows are A-rated for energy efficiency. They allow efficient ventilation and our uPVC windows offer the traditional aesthetic appeal of the sash window while providing a modern level of efficiency.