roughcastingWhy would roughcast be good for my house?

Your house has to put up with a lot. The weather can be a major cause of damage: rain can affect the exterior of your home and cracks can develop. It has to contend with other kinds of damage too – gutters can stain your house if they leak, and all houses suffer wear and tear simply through aging. All of this will affect the appearance of your home. Even if your home hasn’t suffered damage, you may simply feel that it could do with an update.

Roughcast can be the perfect solution. It can be applied quickly and for affordable prices. This makes it a cost-effective, fast solution for improving your home’s appearance and protecting it from damage. It’s an attractive covering for your home – it’s available in a wide choice of colours and materials, allowing you to customise the appearance of your house.

Why Weathersealed?

We specialise in roughcasting entire properties. We’re experienced in applying roughcast to a wide range of property styles. There’s no need to be concerned about whether we can handle your home: we’ve applied roughcast to many different kinds of building.

Not only that, but our work is guaranteed for 10 years. We believe in the quality of the work we do and we want to be sure that you can too.

What happens when you work on my property?

Before we get started, we’ll come out to take a look at your home. We can provide a no-obligation quote for the work. The quote we offer will be a fixed price that will include a complete service:

  • Erection of scaffolding. (Some contractors can charge for scaffolding.)
  • Full house fungicidal wash.
  • We’ll cut back defective roughcast and make good.
  • Coat full building with plastic coated beads for zero oxidisation.
  • Render barges and soffits.
  • Smooth render as required.
  • Powerball polymer based cement.
  • Re-coat and pebble dash complete building.
  • Clear all waste.

There are no hidden costs in the roughcasting service we provide. You can be confident that the price we quote is the price you’ll pay and that your home will be taken care of from beginning to end.

Get in contact with us today if you’d like to discuss a quote.